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5 Options of Mixer Kitchen Tap for Your Ultra New Kitchen        

We often find plenty of options, when it comes to innovative kitchens, specially the modular ones, but how about installing top of the class kitchen tap. We pay very little attention to selecting or rather sorting options of kitchen taps; but right selection of kitchen tap can do wonders to the utility and beauty of the kitchen and its smart arrangement. Mixer kitchen taps are double lined taps where both hot and cold water lines are mixeKd into one outlet hence these taps work better for the kitchen-washing job and the user can control the water temperature as per requirement. Different types of mixer kitchen taps are available in market; however, before finding the right mixer kitchen tap for your kitchen, you must know the options you have in your hand.         

Single lever mixer is one of the most popular versions of mixer type kitchen tap. The in- built mechanism is quite simple here. This type of mixer type kitchen taps are made of one faucet, one valve, and one mounting point.

Monobloc mixers are other common variants of mixer type kitchen taps. These taps are comprised of one faucet, two mounting points and one valve.

Bridge mixer type kitchen taps are made of one faucet, one mounting point, and two valves. Similar variety of kitchen tap is Deck mounted tap, which is comprised of two valves, two mountain points but one faucet. Another popular variety of mixer type kitchen tap is pillar kitchen taps; the specialty of these taps is- one faucet, three mountaintops, and two valves!

Nowadays, mixer kitchen taps with spray fixture is enjoying wide popularity too. In these mixer spray category a few models are available and these are single type lever mixer with option of pull-out spray, deck mounted kitchen tap system with pull-out spray, and single lever kitchen tap mixer with spray option. However, these spray kitchen taps are not very much in use in general kitchen unless kitchen is a heavy-duty one.

Now you can easily look for the best variety of kitchen taps for your kitchen and will create a new glam look of this creative part of house.


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